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Step 1

Getting Started

To begin with I will arrange a 30 minute Introductory Session with you. 

(There is a nominal fee of £20 for this).


At this meeting you will be able to ask any questions you might have about counselling and I will be able to explain in a little more depth about the number of sessions, fees, cancellations and so on.


You will also be able to experience spending time with me (and me with you)  and whether that feels okay or not!















I will make an assessment of your needs based on our initial meeting and on any information you have already provided me.



Together we will have a think about the number of sessions it might be useful for you to commit to. Six is a typical number, and that is very brief therapy within the counselling world! 


Often, and typically by the sixth session, we will review the work we have been doing together. We will consider how it fits with your original aims, and also how well you are managing it.




The 'work'

Therapy, or counselling, is work in the sense that it is a focused exploration of problems or issues. However the word 'work' suggests sweat and hard labour - therapy is not work in this way!

Therapy requires commitment, concentration, and a willingness to connect with another human being - myself.





























Step 2


Therapy needs to be interesting and fun. Nobody can engage with hour long conversations that are all doom and gloom, not you, and not me.

I will be in charge of what happens in the room. But the content will be yours, and the interaction  will be ours.


Most of the time you will be talking. But there are other ways in which you can express feelings and thoughts.

Working online you will still be free to use paper and pens, toys, and even musical instruments if you so wish! 

Modern technology allows the sharing of such activities, often instantly.















Feeling Safe

Feeling psychologically safe depends on two things - trust and being validated.

Trust builds over time, which is why therapy can take many sessions. Being validated means that you know that you are being listened to; that your feelings are being accepted (and not challenged or dismissed); and that how your feel right now is being taken seriously.

Getting To Know Me


Therapy is hard to describe because it only really makes sense when you do it! It is a bit like trying to explain to somebody about the thrills and skills involved in riding a bike when they've never been on a bicycle before!

The key thing in therapy is your relationship with me.

I will experience you in the way that others do in your life.

But I have the advantage of being able to feed back to you exactly how that feels without being overly concerned that we will fall out.


I consider the counselling to be approaching an end when you are feeling empowered again within your life.

Some clients describe it as having a new sense of confidence with an internalised version of me guiding their thoughts or decisions now and then!

Being validated and accepted for just who you are can be enormously important in re-building self-esteem, confidence, and in feeling hopeful about life again.




















Hi there!

Tell me a little about what's brought you to seek out counselling (or supervision)

I'll get back to you and we can set up an initial free meeting 


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