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Jemima aged 10 from Bath

"I liked that he used toys and games which helped me understand and explain things "

Mum of Jemima aged 10 from Bath

" In just a few sessions Jemima was more grounded and happier in herself and I was so relieved to have sought and got help for what I had thought was going to be a more intractable problem. Jemima used to tell me eloquently things she had discussed in the car on the way home and was obviously very engaged by her new understanding. As a parent I learnt that with child counselling, the process is as important as the content of what is said - children can express their perceptions in a different and more subtle way than adults and Craig was excellent at guiding and exploring this. He also offered support to me as a parent and challenged me to observe and reflect on the dynamic within my relationship with Jemima and how this may be affecting what I first perceived to be only an external issue. I thoroughly recommend Craig and will not hesitate to return if needed."​

Jemima (age 10) and Mum, Bath

Family Therapy 


Working with Children

I offer therapy for children of all and any age and for families.

I am fortunate enough (in Peasedown) to be able to work within the same setting as my partner's childcare provision of

Kleinkinder Montessori , an Ofsted Outstanding facility.

I have many, many years experience in working with children and adolescents and understand that a different way of working is needed to engage children with therapy.

I also work with the understanding that families are systems and that working with the child alone will not be enough. 

If you get in touch because of concerns about your child I will want you to agree to become involved in the therapy as well.

This might take various forms: I might wish to see you alone, you with your child, or you

with any significant other adults in your child's life.

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