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Gender & Sexuality

I am an LGBTQ+ affirming therapist, which means that I welcome and am happy to work with any and every orientation of sexual identity.

I also recognise the recent seismic shifts our society has undergone in thinking about gender - and I welcome and am happy to work with those who choose to identify as gender-fluid, gender-neutral, trans, non-binary and binary.



We live in a changing world in which, mostly led by the younger generations, there are fresh, radical, and challenging ideas around sexual and gender identities. Whilst this can feel incredibly liberating it can also bring stresses and complexities, not least between generations with very different experiences and attitudes.

I will work with people to help navigate these complexities.



Thoughts around gender are changing rapidly and many people are embracing the freedoms which come from thinking beyond and outside of the traditional binary understanding of gender.

Such changes bring fresh challenges: prejudice; misunderstanding; bullying; workplace harassment; as well as the challenges families can face when a family member adopts a distinctly different approach to gender.

I will work with individuals and families to help with these challenges.



Sexuality is about that part of ourselves which derives sensual and sexual pleasure by ourselves and/or with others. Sexuality is a highly complex and highly personal aspect of our identity, and one which we may or may not want to share with others. 

Sex can render us vulnerable and strong and can be a source of liberation and even transcendence, and the sex we have or abstain from having arises from our sexual identity.

We live in a time of unprecedented open-ness and discussion about a wide variety of sexualities and I will work with individuals, couples and polyamorous partners to help navigate the problems and the joys which arise from considering this aspect of our being.

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