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Tap Into Your Potential - Release Trapped Energy - Turn On To Life​


Life can be hard at times. Modern life is complex. 

 Family life can quickly become stressful rather than enjoyable. 

Being a teenager has never been more difficult.

Social Media and the 'always-on' nature of entertainment can make it difficult to think your own thoughts and to remain 'grounded'.


I can help you to make sense of what is going on for you.

I work with humour, wisdom, and kindness.

Spending time with me will help you to explore your life,

 to improve the healthiness of your relationships, 

to find solutions when a solution seems impossible, 

to find ways to deal with loss, hurt and bereavement, 

and to begin to see how you can be the person you've always felt that you were.



















I have over 16 years of experience in both private practice and within the NHS. I can work with a wide variety of issues: identity, self-harm, depression, eating disorders, living with ASD, gender dysmorphia, borderline personality disorder issues, anger and other mood management, bereavement, loss, relationship and family issues, meaninglessness and hopelessness.




















I strongly believe that therapy should be available to all. If you choose to work with me we can negotiate a fee based on what you can afford and the likely number of sessions. this is part of the initial assessment/meeting.

I offer an initial assessment session of thirty minutes for the nominal fee of £20

If you are at school or college we can negotiate a lower fee if you are paying yourself.

My standard fees are £50 - £65 per session.

All family work and couples work is £65

Supervision work is generally around £30/half hour but, again, this is negotiable.



















I am based in Bath and the neighbouring villages but due to the unprecedented situation the Covid-19 virus created I have had to review my working practices accordingly.


I only see clients online and this will be so for the foreseeable future.

This does mean that I can work with you wherever you are in the United Kingdom, Europe or even further afield.


We can meet and work via text, email, voice call and/0r video-call (Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime)


There are pros and cons to working in this way. 

One advantage is that you may feel a lot more comfortable being in your own space and this in itself may 'fast-forward' the creation of closeness and trust within the counselling relationship. 

One disadvantage may be that you don't quite feel the 'presence' of the therapist in the same way as you would if we were in the room together.

It is a subjective maybe try it and see!



















'I have spent time with Craig helping me deal with some very specific traumas. His unfailing patience and gentle ethos has enabled me to work on managing distressing emotions, fearful feelings and at times irrational anxiety. Craig's skill at supporting me in a complete holistic manner, has given me strength, confidence and empowerment to take control of who I am, and always have a safe space to talk. Craig never judges, dismisses or ignores my time with him. I have found a piece of tranquillity, in what can at times be a chaotic world. I am forever grateful for his professionalism, kindness and empathy.'


near Frome

'Craig has been amazing helping me deal with some long term major issues, also some PTSD problems from a recently diagnosed long term illness. I have tried counselling before and didn't find it useful at all but with Craig its so different, its great how he never really answers my questions personally but helps me answer them for myself.

I have struggled for many years with so many different emotions, Craig has taught me that some of my feelings are just normal and how to deal with the others, he is now one person in my life I can trust and rely on, he is always there whether at an appointment, text, e-mail or even phone call.

I can go to an appointment and be having a really good week, or go and be having a really bad week, but no matter which one I find myself just talking as Craig makes me feel so comfortable telling him anything.

One thing which has amazed me with Craig is he never writes anything down at our appointments, which I know means he is listening to me, but when I go to another appointment maybe weeks later he will mention something that I told him many appointments Previous.

As and when I may no longer require counselling I will always be thankful to Craig for everything he has done, He will be a friend for life and I would certainly recommend him without a doubt.' 



South of Bath

"I was in a period of extremely high anxiety, depression and confusion when I began looking for therapeutic help and found Craig’s service online. We talked through my problems over a period of 3-4 months, and I found Craig to be wonderfully supportive, patient and absolutely non-judgemental. At the same time: he also encouraged me to look at my situation rationally, and find the practical and sensible steps I needed to move on from it.

Beyond solving the issues which were the source of my immediate stress, our conversations also brought my true goals and wishes into much sharper focus. Our interesting and enjoyable dialogues gave me an enormous boost in the confidence required to keep going.

I can safely say the sessions were invaluable, and much needed during that time in my life. We talked our way to insights that were crucial for me. The powerful effect this had on counteracting my anxiety, and bringing me back to a place of inner calm and acceptance was unquestionable. The work was easily worth every single penny, including the travel out to Radstock from Bristol.

Apart from the quality of the sessions, Craig was also always flexible, reliable, up-front, and a pleasure to deal with. Visiting the picturesque countryside surroundings of Radstock was also a nice bonus!"




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